Natasha (aka. Jade, hell.jpeg) // 18 // she/her or they/them

'Sup I do art stuffs (mostly drawing but crafting and art toys are coolio)

last updated 9/6/19

Cool Facts

Art Stuff
Main drawing program, kritaHas a love/hate relationship with painting a la watercolors and acrylicArt toys / custom toys are and have been a hobby of mine for years

Other Stuff
Collects toys sometimes (Mostly just ones I like or match my aesthetic)A lil' bit of an animation geek, especially with 2D animation and stopmotionFavorite Music Genres include: Breakcore, Gabber, Hardcore, Speedcore (basically a lot of hardcore stuff), psytrance... ehhh this list can go on for a while.I love Monster Hunter! I bounce between World and the older games and my two weapon mains are Dual Blades and Insect GlaveReally likes animals, especially bats, reptiles, bugs (bees!), fish, and birds of prey.Fish and Seafood are my favorite like don't get me started on how much I love it I'll go off


Some Favs of mine

not in any particular order just a general list of favs

yunno what fav. ocs deserve a spot here's my favs

Important Info

I'm kinda slow to come up with words so if it takes me a while to reply that might be the reasonI also have a lot of anxiety issues (especially panic-based stuff and social anxiety). I've been working through them but I feel it's still worth letting people knowFor art related stuff, feel free to ask me for advice! very important, please dont discuss fitness and/or army (as in military related) things around meIt's a sensitive topic a la family issues for me

next section might be a lil' harsh but...

I Prefer Not to Interact if you...

Are Racist, Homophobic, Transphobic, consider yourself a TERF, exclude idetities in the LGBT comminity (such as pan, bi, ace, aro, and soforth)Are a Pedophile and support lolicon/shotacon or defend itAre very forceful about your views/beliefs (ex: "IF YOU'RE NOT 'thing' YOU'RE EVIL!!!" kind of forceful) Note: This is more about lifestyle things such as chocolate ice cream vs vanilla ice cream, not ethics. They're different things
tl:dr - I'm actually chill, so just be a decent human being and you're gucci

My Accounts!

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