Natasha (aka. Jade, hell.jpeg) // 18 // she/her or they/them

'Sup I do art stuffs (mostly drawing but crafting and art toys are coolio)

last updated 12/31/19

Cool Facts

Art Stuff
Currently going to art school (major undecided)Main drawing program, kritaDoes paintings (favorite mediums; gouache, acrylic, watercolor)Art toys / custom toys are and have been a hobby of mine for years

Other Stuff
Collects toys sometimes (Mostly just ones I like)Favorite Music Genres include: Breakcore, Gabber, Hardcore, Speedcore (basically a lot of hardcore stuff), psytrance... ehhh this list can go on for a while.Bemani / rhythm games are life <3. My main is DDR, but I also play Pop'n and I'm looking to get more into SVDX and IIDXI love Monster Hunter! I mostly play MHW and my weapon main is Insect Glave <3Really likes animals, especially bats, bettas, birds of prey, and opossums Fish and Seafood are my favorite like don't get me started on how much I love it I'll go off


Some Favs of mine

not in any particular order just a general list of fav. characters

yunno what fav. ocs deserve a spot here's my favs

Important Info

I'm kinda slow to come up with words so if it takes me a while to reply that might be the reasonI also have a lot of anxiety issues (especially panic-based stuff and social anxiety). I've been working through them but I feel it's still worth letting people knowFor art related stuff, feel free to ask me for advice!
next section might be a lil' harsh but...

I Prefer Not to Interact if you...

Are Racist, Homophobic, Transphobic, consider yourself a TERF, exclude identities in the LGBT community (such as pan, bi, ace, aro, and soforth)Are a Pedophile and support lolicon/shotacon or defend itAre very forceful about your views/beliefs (ex: "IF YOU'RE NOT 'thing' YOU'RE EVIL!!!" kind of forceful) Note: This is more about lifestyle things such as chocolate ice cream vs vanilla ice cream, not ethics. They're different things
tl:dr - I'm actually chill, so just be a decent human being and you're gucci

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